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Rainbow Baby Week


If anything can ever be more special than the arrival of a baby then I think it is the arrival of a rainbow baby.

For those of you not familiar with the term, a rainbow baby is a baby born after the miscarriage, stillbirth or death of their infant sibling.

My Rainbow Baby

My beautiful son is a rainbow baby and the inspiration behind my business. He and his big sister Chloe have shown me how wonderful, valuable and fleeting life can be. How we must cherish every moment that we are lucky enough to experience. Love and the understanding of loss have been the building blocks of PhotoBaby. They are the foundation of everything we do.

Rainbow Week

Therefore we want to start officially celebrating the little bundles that arrive after so much sorrow. A rainbow portrait is not only a stunning celebration of the arrival of your little one; it is a beautiful way to tribute to their departed sibling too.

The last week of September is here by renamed Rainbow Week at PhotoBaby!

Lots Happening!

During Rainbow Week we’d like to invite you to bring your rainbow babies and bumps to visit our studio for a beautiful tribute portrait. These sessions will be free of charge and will include a luxury metallic print. To reserve your appointment you just need to get in touch with us and we’d like you to give a £10 donation to the charity Tommy’s who research into the causes of baby loss.

We’ve found dozens of beautiful ideas for these shoots, so whether your rainbow baby will be newborn, or beginning to toddle we have some wonderful ideas to help you celebrate.

Rainbow Wall

Remember your darling departed babies on our rainbow wall with beautiful hand drawn rainbows by talented illustrator (and my sister) Hannah Postlethwaite.

A Rainbow of Bumps

Expecting your Rainbow baby? We’ve seen this fantastic idea for a group bump portrait where we will make a team rainbow and we want to make our own! We’ll invite you for a solo shoot too!

Share Stories

Meet other parents that know your grief and fears and overwhelming love. Share stories and if you like, take part in our rainbow blog post and pod cast that we will be creating that week. To find out more or get involved in our first ever Rainbow Week, give us a call a the studio on 01524 555789 or fill in the form.

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