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PhotoBaby’s Thirteen Stepping Stones to Reaching Thirteen

By 28th June 2021Studio Chit Chat

PhotoBaby turned thirteen in April, but with all the chaos of coming out of lockdown our celebrations fell by the wayside. So now the dust has started to settle we thought we’s have  a belated party – jungle style! Throughout June we’ve had little ones visiting us for this fabulous themed cake-smash shoot and Ashton suggested we should have one of our own! So we did a PhotoBaby cake-smash and thought about everything that has helped us get to where we are today.

Photograph of PhotoBaby team with green balloons.

Our current amazing team from top left clockwise – Emma, Eleanor, Sarah, Jemma, Cameron, Ashton and Daniel.

PhotoBaby’s Thirteen Stepping Stones

Amazing Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how good our photos are, we realised very early on that without you we don’t have a business! So customer service became our focus and our clients became like family to us. And working this way is so fulfilling; to look in the diary and get excited to see who is coming, who we’ll be catching up with and seeing how their brood is growing. You just can’t beat it!

Team Spirit

That old saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, it takes a village to run a successful business too! We are stronger together – we can support each other, share ideas, help each other develop professionally and above all laugh together.

Team photograph with cake and balloons.

Our newbies!

Timeless Style

Trends come and go, but we want your portraits to stand the test of time and look just as amazing in fifty years time as they do today. So we will alway steer towards a look that is classic and simple and all about your children.

Studio Experience

We want your photoshoot to be an experience in itself, so we’ve put a lot of work into making the studio look amazing, everywhere there is something lovely to look at, our gorgeous art deco photo galleries, the spiral staircase, the family tree mural running up the back stairs. And have loads of different options for you to choose from for your photos too. Downstairs we’ve got our blossom tree and swing, teepee, and white wood cladding, upstairs when stripped back has a real loft look to it, perfect for maternity sessions. Or we have our wrought  iron bed, window and white rocking chair just to name a few of the gorgeous options we have for you.

Two colleagues sat back to back making guns with fingers.

Partners in crime…or just daftness?!

Social Media Experience

We’ve made it our mission for you to have a great time with us online as well as in the studio, so we’re always doing something for you on social media whether it’s giving you a peak at the work we’ve just created for you, or running a fun contest.


Since the very start of PhotoBaby, fundraising has been an integral part of the business and making a positive difference to our community and planet. Our charity calendar has supported local charities like Tigerlily Trust to tree planting with Ecology. Our loo has been twinned and helped people without sanitation get a working toilet and we have run one off events to support Ovarian Cancer research and more.

Two colleagues smiling with green balloons.

Bursting with awesome ideas!

Research into Image Making

We firmly believe that one of the secrets of success is planning and preparation. So we put a lot of work into researching images, taking ideas from very famous artists and photographers around the world and then toning them down just enough to suit the PhotoBaby style and the natural approach that we know you want.

Image Styling

We take these ideas to design the images that we will create. F rom the props used and where they will be places to the nuances of your pose and the way we will light you. This way when you step into the studio, and tell us what you would like to do we can create it for you instantly and perfectly.

Two colleagues biting a giant cupcake.

We just had to try the pose we are always hoping to coax the little ones into doing!


Practice makes perfect! No one is instantly very good at anything, it takes practice and persistence. We take training very seriously at the studio to ensure our photographers have the skillset they need to make you the perfect set of portraits.

Friendly Atmosphere

Many a time our clients have gone away saying they felt the visit was as much a therapy session as a photo shoot! A baby photo session gives us lots of time to talk, as well as making the photographs we’ll be feeding and settling baby. And we’ll cover every topic under the sun as we chat.

Two colleagues hiding behind some leaves.

Jungle fever or growing green beards?

Background Systems

We’ve invested in some really cool software to make sure all the workflow runs really smoothly. When you come for your viewing we’ll use some great software to help you sort through and choose your portraits and our booking software is very clever too. Everything we’ve invested in is to help us make your experience with us as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Quality Printing

As we are fond of saying, you just can’t get printing like ours on the high street. We have done the research and found some really talented printers to make all of your printed products.

Fair Pricing

No we’re not the cheapest of photographers, but you’ll find we are also far from being in the realm of expensive. We’ve come up with a pricing structure that is fair, affordable and sustainable.

Now I know things will always go wrong, and there is always room for improvement, but everyday we work on making all of these factors just a little bit better. I get such a thrill seeing our team develop and improve, and I can’t wait to see where the next twelve or so months will take us. We are thirteen and thriving!

Couple with cake, woman taking a bite.

I did let Daniel and everyone else have some cake too – just had to try it first!

Like the look of this cake smash? We do a different theme every month!

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