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PhotoBaby Turns Fourteen, Let’s Eat Cake!

By 28th May 2022Studio Chit Chat

A team photo shoot with cake is definitely becoming a bit of a tradition for celebrating PhotoBaby’s birthday.

We recently turned fourteen and I wonder just how many baby portraits we have created over the years? How many families have chosen us to make these precious treasures for them?…it’s a lot.

PhotoBaby Team portrait in yellow.

From left to right: Emma and her son, Diana and her daughter, Daniel, Hannah and Asta, Annabel, Elly, Ashton and her son, Jemma.

How Many Babies?

These days we see around about thirty families a week, but back when I started it was just four on a Saturday, maybe on a Sunday too if it was a busy week. There is probably a sum to work that out, but I’m a photographer, not a mathematician! 

The world does it’s thing, but clearly life goes on. Babies keep being born and whatever is happening out there, there is still nothing more precious, or important in our own individual lives than the safe arrival of our own little ones. And that’s why we take our service especially seriously, and why I firmly believe we will still be here as a studio, whatever gets thrown at us!

Yellow PhotoBaby team birthday portraits.

Silly expressions and a splendid hat!

Let’s Celebrate!

So we are feeling happy and optimistic, and that’s why we chose sunshine yellow for our celebrations this year. We see lots of good things happening in Lancaster, lots of new businesses appearing, lots of growth. Things are on the up in our little neck of the woods!

We all also feel incredibly lucky to work with such a talented, fun loving and kind hearted team. We’ve really focussed on building an extra special culture at PhotoBaby and it means that every day is a joy to come to work. We have a giggle even when we are working really hard, but we are also all here to support each other.

PhotoBaby team looking and smiling at baby.

Asta entertains!

Understanding Our Why

We all know that what we are doing is incredibly important for the families that we are working with. These portraits will be a time capsule of this very precious moment in your lives. We are capturing your love so it can be kept for eternity. I think understanding this is one of the secrets of our success, and why we keep growing from strength to strength.

Children with cake on their noses.

Cakey noses – think Jemma needs one too!

Onward and Upward

We’ve most recently welcomed Annabel to the team and we are super excited about the ideas she has brought with her. Every one of us brings something special into the mix. And moving forward, our plans all revolve around supporting and strengthening our community. It’s very exciting, so watch this space!

Thank You!

So cheers and thank you to all our many clients that keep on coming back to us year on year as well as a big hello to all the new families we will meet this year as they embark on the most amazing adventure of their lives. To family!

PhotoBaby team photo with birthday cake.

Our gorgeous team!

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