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Is PhotoBaby Cheap or Expensive? We Answer the Question

By 10th April 2020Studio Chit Chat

Since the beginning, PhotoBaby has been all about giving you value for your money. Whether you would describe us as cheap or expensive is all subjective though. For us, it is very hard to pin a value on photography because we know these are images that are going to give you pleasure for the rest of your life. They are family heirlooms and will become your most treasured possessions.

Most of us aren’t Millionaires

However we also realise that most of us aren’t millionaires, we are just normal, with normal jobs and normal homes.  But all the same we love our children to the moon and back and we want professional portraits to celebrate this love and cherish the wonderful journey we are sharing with our little ones.


Photobaby are members of the Ethical Small Traders and we have put our pricing structure together very carefully with the ethics of this group in mind. We want our work to be accessible without you needing to take out a second mortgage, but we also need to all get paid and pay for our beautiful studio and all our stunning props.

Sliding Scale

Our pricing is designed in such a way that it rewards you with the more you spend. For example if you choose to buy digitals from us, if you buy just one or two you will pay £40 for each image, but if you buy 6 or more, you will pay £25 for each image, and if you buy 20, you will pay £15 for each image.


We are also very transparent about our pricing. Everything is listed on the website and we do talk about pricing on several other blogs on our website. So that there will never need be any unwelcome surprises should you choose to visit us. Check out our price lists here, our breakdown of how the price list works here.

Is PhotoBaby Cheap or Expensive?

We are well aware that there are other photographers who are much cheaper than we are, and others who are much more expensive. But we firmly believe we charge a very fair price for a beautiful service, quality products and precious professional quality images. If another photographer is cheaper, you need to ask why? Are they in a stunning city centre studio? Do they have twelve years of experience? Have they got professional quality cameras and equipment? And if they are on the other end of the scale you also need to ask why if they are more expensive. 

It’s Subjective

Whether you would class us as cheap or expensive really does depend on your own point of view. But at the end of the day it comes down to the images. Will the photographer you choose be able to create what you want. Will they provide you with stunning images that will stand the test of time? That is our goal and why we keep growing year on year. So we hope to see you soon! x

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