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The Perfect Photo Shoot Gift for Fathers Day

By 12th May 2022Studio Chit Chat

Trying to figure out the perfect Fathers day gift to give this year?

As Fathers Day rolls a little closer, Jemma has come up with some wonderful ideas to help you celebrate and make sure the special man in your life is feeling extra spoiled.


Master Piece for Daddy


How about bringing your little one in and unleashing their inner artist? We’ll set them up with paints and a canvas and let them get to work! Jackson Pollock and Van Gough stand aside, we have new artists in the making! 

baby painting a canvas.

And this session is really two gifts in one, you’ll have the canvas itself with hand and foot prints and all the other gloriously expressive marks your child adds to it. You’ll be able to take this away with you on the day. And it will be followed by all the amazing portraits of your masterpiece  being created. Sound fun? Daddy will love it!

four pictures of baby painting.

Lovely Experience for Little One

We’ve had a couple of little ones come in and test drive the idea for us and they had a wonderful time! Quite a lot of body art going on as well as canvas painting, but that’s what makes it extra special! And don’t worry, the paints are water soluble and come off really easily. If you like, we can finish the session with a bubble bath too, just to make sure baby goes home squeaky clean.


Session Includes

An hour and half of studio time, Canvas masterpiece, luxury metallic gift print. Suitable for sitters and older. RRP £65, just £10 if you book before May 20th.


Want Daddy Involved?


No problem! How about a gorgeous Daddy and Me session down on the beach or in the meadow by the river? Lovely natural portraits of Daddy and baby’s special bond. Can you picture them walking together hand in hand, or peering through the long grass in a game of hide and seek? Timeless and fun!

Father lifting up his child in trees.

We’ll make you a personalised voucher for this session that you can give on the day and then arrange the session at your convenience over the summer.


Session Includes

An hour and half of location portrait time and luxury metallic gift print. Suitable for all ages. RRP £65, just £10 if you order your gift voucher before May 20th.



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