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Pancake Stack Smash Photo Shoot

By 24th February 2020Studio Chit Chat

Are you a pancake lover? If so our pancake stack smash photo shoot will be perfect for you and your little ones!

I’ve always loved a good pancake and practically lived on them when I went travelling around Canada. I have many happy memories of digging into a fluffy stack after a full day of stacking in the snow (that’s snowboard lingo for falling over loads). A stack for a stack, those pancakes were well earned and very much enjoyed. 

Pancake Stack Smash Photo Shoot

To celebrate pancake day this year we’ve brought those American style stacks into the studio, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with these tasty creations. This edible event has been run a little like a cake smash photo shoot and it has been very popular!

Some fun facts about the day:
  • The tradition of eating pancakes on Shroves Tuesday is over a 1000 years old!
  • In the UK we will use 52 million eggs on pancake day.
  • The record number of pancake flips is 349 in just two minutes!
  • In France it is traditional to make a wish before you flip your pancake.
  • In the UK we eat an average of two pancakes per person, that’s enough pancakes to fill ninety three olympic swimming pools!
  • Before baking soda was invented, cooks would use fresh snow to help their pancakes come out light and fluffy. 
  • Pancakes are a feature in many of William Shakespear’s plays – so perhaps he was a fan too!

Pancakes are really easy to make, just follow this link if you want to have a go. I grew up with my Mum’s tradition from the North East of serving pancakes with sugar, milk and lemon. The lemon curdles the milk which my husband thinks is disgusting, but as odd as it is, it’s very tasty! I recommend trying it.

Fancy a Pancake Stack Smash?

We’ve more pancake stack smash sessions booked in for this week and I’m sure we could squeeze in one more if you would like to join us for this extra delicious event. Just message us via our Facebook page.

Happy Pancake Day! x

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