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Ode to Peach – A Very Precious Guinea Pig

It has been a sad few days at our house. Little Peach, the friendliest and most loving of our daughter’s three guinea pigs has slipped away to piggy heaven.

Three Little Pigs

Three years ago we bought these guinea pigs for my daughter’s birthday and they have had a lovely life whiling away the summer months at the bottom of the garden in their impressive manor house, built by her Grandpa. Then taking over our front room to stay cozy in the winter.

Treasured Memories

These three little pigs have been a big part of all my families’ life: My husband picks fresh grass for them daily and they squeak with delight when he brings it for them.

Rocky and Flash are quite skitish and shy, but Peach would come and eat from our hand and let us pick him up without fuss. We bath the three of them in the kitchen sink and Peach loved getting under the running water of the tap. He would stand there making his funning buzzing noise.

The intrepid little fellow managed to escape soon after we got them and spent a night and a day hiding in our hedge before we managed to lure him home.

Once we even took the pigs on an adventure to the field, we carried them each in their own satchel and then penned out an area in the long grass for them to explore and munch. They had a wonderful time but I quickly realised this was a very risky endeavour. We didn’t try it again.

Best of all were our piggy cuddles, with Peach snug on one of our laps, purring away as we stroked or brushed him.

A Piggy Funeral

We said our fond farewell last Saturday and my children made a speech while we buried him amongst the flowers in our garden. Then we went to the beach to hunt for heart stones for his grave. It looks very pretty now.

Piggy Pain

I’m sure our other two pigs Rocky and Flash are wondering where there pal is, they have been very wary of us this week. And it has ripped me apart to hold my daughter as she has broken her heart in crying for him.

Tough as this is, I know this is good for her though. Peach had a lovely life and my daughter is learning about death and love and life and how she must never take it for granted. 

I keep thinking of Tennyson’s famous quote ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’.

We will all miss this little ball of fluff far more than we ever imagined we would! Rest in peace beautiful Peach.

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