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Not What You Do But The Way That You Do It

By 16th February 2021Studio Chit Chat

Is Bananarama singing round your head now, or are you too young for that one?

Anyways this catchy song title crept into my Yoga class today too, and it got me thinking…

Focus on The How

If we focus on how we are doing something rather than what we are doing, we can never get bored: It is the pursuit of betterment, and there is always room for improvement.

What do you Want?

And right now we are in the perfect place to think about making the most of this year. We are all at the start line and our race is paused. So how about using this time to really think about what you want from this year. What does your perfect year look like? How will you do it?

Is it time to learn some DIY skills? Or a language? Or develop a fitness routine? What are those deep seated wishes that niggle away at you at night? You can do whatever you want to if you set your mind to it and hatch a plan. Even the big dreams – they just take a bit more time and commitment.

Or perhaps there’s nothing new you need, but you could do what you do better. Give your skill set a little evaluation, where do you need to improve? Then focus and tweak.

Wow Factor

We are working on the wow factor. We have a beautiful spring photoshoot routine in the making, we’ve even invested in a blossom tree! And we have more surprises up our sleeves too.

Yes, we are itching for the race to start, but the pause is OK too, there is always plenty to plan and work on. 


Here’s to us all having our best year yet! x

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