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Is No News Good News? – Read All About It

I’ve had to turn the radio off.

After listening to the news yesterday I found myself fuming over the hypocrisy of our government. Our civil servants being refused a fair pay rise as we have to live within our countries means, whilst families earning £200,000 a year are getting help with their childcare costs – go figure!

Today I learnt that Trump is getting heavy with South Korea over their nuclear weapons, yet America regularly conducts nuclear tests in North Korea.

Trump threatens Nuclear Strike in the newsListening to the news is making my blood boil.

What will tomorrows barrage be? Right now it doesn’t matter because I refuse to let this fodder have such a hold on my life.

Ridiculous Fear Mongering News

It is ridiculous that nuclear weapons are suddenly perceived as a threat again, have we learnt nothing? Trump and his pals need to put away their toys of mass destruction and learn to play nicely.

I personally like living and breathing and I don’t want to get in the queue to go to Mars. So how about we start looking after this beautiful world of ours and stop taking it for granted. But sadly my getting stressed out about this isn’t going to make it happen.

flight to mars poster

There is so much beauty around us and if we are not careful, we are all going to miss it.

We live, we love and then we die, and I think a lot of us are not doing enough living. We are too busy worrying. Worrying about the planet, the country, money. About whether we are a good parent, whether our children are developing the way they should, what everyone and the Jones’ think about us. And we worry does our bum look big in this.

Does my bum look big in this?What good does it do us? A bit less sleep, bags under our eyes, we get irritable and snappy and then everything goes to pot.

No News Is Good News

That is why I turned off the radio today. I’m going back to my media blackout. I want to focus on living. I want to be the best that I can be, for my family and myself. And I can’t do that if I am constantly worrying about a million different issues that I have no control over.

I saw a great quote the other day: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Love What You Do

Just imagine the results if you applied this phrase to everything you did: “The only way to do great washing up is to love what you do.” “The only way to do a great exam is to love what you do.” How much fun would you have and how brilliantly everything would be done!

I don’t think this is what Job’s meant when he said it but our mind is our most powerful tool and this does make a powerful mantra.

I am privileged to be doing what I love and I love what I do. Some days it is blinking hard to run my studio and everything doesn’t always go to plan, but even so I know I’ve had a day well spent. Every day I know my portraits bring joy to the family I create them for and help to reinforce their love and bond.

Life is way too short not to cherish every moment and each other. Perhaps if we all start loving what we do; fulfilling our potential and being the best that we can be, the media will run out of terrifying news stories and have nothing but cotton candy and fuzzy moments to fill the air time with.

Probably not, but the world will definitely be a better place. Trump and May might even stop playing their power games and wake up to appreciate what they have. Then perhaps they would do something a little better for their people.

I can’t wait around for that though. I need to get on with getting through the day without freaking out and make sure I am the best that I can be for the people that matter most.

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