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The Best Age for a Newborn Training Photo Shoot

By 2nd October 2023Studio Chit Chat

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a momentous occasion. Filled with joy, love, and wonder. It’s no surprise that many families want to capture these precious early moments with a newborn photo shoot. But when is the best time to schedule this heartwarming session? And how can photographers ensure they capture the perfect shots? Let’s explore the ideal age for a newborn photo shoot and the importance of training newborn photographers.

The Best Age for a Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn photo shoots are all about capturing the innocence and fragility of your baby in their earliest days of life. While every baby is unique, and there are no hard and fast rules about when you should do this. There are some benefits to creating your a newborn photo shoot portraits within the first two weeks after birth.

  1. Days 5-14: This window allows photographers to capture those iconic curled-up poses and those adorable sleepy expressions that newborns are known for. During this time, babies are typically more cooperative and sleepier. This makes it easier to work with them.
  2. Flexibility: Newborns at this age are more flexible, allowing photographers to gently shape them into those beautiful, heartwarming poses you often see in newborn photography.
  3. Freshness: Within the first two weeks, your baby still has that fresh, newborn look. They have smooth skin and no visible blemishes or baby acne.
  4. Stillness: Babies are less likely to be startled or disturbed during their slumber at this age, ensuring a smoother and more relaxed photo session.
  5. Relaxed: In these early days your baby is a little less aware of where they are or who is holding them. They are usually quite happy to be held and  soothed by our photographers. As babies get older their bond with their mother increases and they can be more aware that they are in a strange place with people they don’t know.
Training Newborn Photographers

Capturing these precious moments requires not just a camera but also a skilled photographer who understands the unique challenges and nuances of working with newborns. Training newborn photographers is essential to ensure both the safety and quality of the photos. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Safety First: Newborns are delicate, and their well-being should always come first. Proper training teaches photographers how to handle babies safely and gently, preventing any harm during the session.
  2. Understanding Baby Behaviour: Learning about newborn behavior, sleep patterns, hunger signals and soothing techniques is crucial for timing a photo shoot to ensure the baby is most cooperative and content.
  3. Creating the Right Environment: Newborns are highly sensitive to their surroundings. Proper training helps photographers create a comfortable, soothing, and safe environment for the baby during the shoot.
  4. Posing Techniques: Skilled photographers are trained to achieve those adorable poses safely. While ensuring the baby’s comfort and well-being are never compromised.
  5. Post-Processing Skills: Training includes learning the art of post-processing. Enhances your final images, and making them even more breathtaking.
Free Newborn Shoots for Families Happy to Help with Training

To ensure the highest quality of work and safety standards, at PhotoBaby, we offer free newborn shoots to families willing to participate in training sessions. Our newest newborn photographers work alongside experienced photographers until they have mastered all the safety aspects. And then it is down to lots and lots of practice to perfect this uniques art.

Here’s how this benefits both the photographers and the families
  1. Professional Quality: Families can benefit from professional-quality photo shoot without the usual costs associated with newborn photography. A luxury print is included with the session, plus a very nice discount on additional work
  2. Photographer Experience: Photographers gain valuable experience and expertise working with real families and newborns in a controlled environment.
  3. Collaborative Experience: It’s a collaborative effort where families can share their ideas and preferences, ensuring that the final photos reflect their vision.
  4. Building Portfolios: For aspiring photographers, this is an opportunity to build a portfolio and gain credibility in the field.
Is Your Baby Due Soon?

The first two weeks after birth are the ideal time for a newborn training photo shoot. Training newborn photographers is essential to ensure the safety and quality of the photos. If you would  like a free newborn shoot and are willing to help a new photographer with their training it can be beneficial to all. By working together, families and photographers can create beautiful, lasting memories of those precious early moments in your newborn’s life.

Book Your Baby In

If you would like to bring your newborn to a training shoot at PhotoBaby in Lancaster you can look at the diary now. Opt for around 10 days after your due date. Then if baby arrives earlier or later, you can let us know and we can shuffle the diary accordingly. The £10 payment will be treated as a refundable deposit. Your session will include two hours of studio time, a luxury 6″ print and 20% off packages.

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