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Hello New Year, it’s Special Offer Time!

By 29th January 2020Studio Chit Chat

Last week I finally took down the studio Christmas tree. Two minutes later I took my first booking for Christmas 2020. Wow, we love Christmas in Lancaster! At PhotoBaby, the Christmas season started in October. And we were hosting festive shoots right up to the weekend just gone – the middle of January! Our tree has really worked hard for us this last year. 

Precious Keepsakes

I’m not surprised these portraits are so popular, it really is very magical to see a delighted child’s face all a glow amidst a twinkle of fairy lights. But these portraits are more than that, they are the beautiful keepsake that reminds us of the warm, fuzzy feeling we have when we watch our excited children on Christmas morning.

I love how everyone seems to come to life on the run up to Christmas, buzzing with the anticipation and the preparation and planning. Then finally that special day arrives when little one will be so excited they just won’t know what to play with first. The very little ones have the most wonderful time with the wrapping paper and boxes, and someone will always comment that the paper was all the gifts they needed. It will be wonderful, chaotic and precious. 

Down Time

Now it’s January, we feel the slump. And it’s only natural, what goes up must come down after all. But I don’t think we need to feel negative about things slowing down.Let’s enjoy this calm after the storm. It might be raining outside, but we’re cozy inside. Curl up by the fire with a good cup of coffee, and read your little one a story. When you are ready to come back out we have a whole year of possibilities ahead of us.

Christmas isn’t the only excuse for planning, or for having fairy lights. The tree might be going away, but the rest of my studio will keep twinkling through these short winter days. Ready and welcoming for all my families who are coming to celebrate all the other amazing milestones in their babies first year. 

Special Offer

So let’s start the year with a special offer. As it is 2020, we’ve reduced our family photo shoots to a special offer of £20 until the end of March. January and February weekends are already fully booked, so shout quickly if you want to take advantage of this offer! And for those little ones who have just learnt to sit, we have a really special offer. We’re hosting a series of free sitter sessions until the end of Feb. These have 20% off all products and packages but spaces are limited. To book or get more info on either, PM me via our Facebook page. We are bursting with ideas for photos over the coming months and can’t wait to help you make your special memories.

Happy New Year and hope to see you soon. It’s going to be a good one. I can tell!

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