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Mondays, The Meaning of Life, Trump and Brexit

Every Monday is editing day and I love Mondays! I work from home in my garden room with good coffee and an audio book for company.


I get such pleasure from this aspect of my work; perfecting my pictures and evaluating how I can improve, looking at cute faces all day, and this solitary day allows me to recharge for the rest of my very sociable week.


Mondays are chilled, focused and I get so much done!


Most recently I have been listening to Sapiens, A Brief History of Human Kind by Yuval Noah Harari and it has completely blown my mind. So many ideas that I have never thought about are suddenly looping my brain.


Harari paints such a picture of the world before man and of early man that I am finding myself almost grieving for the nature and the space that we have destroyed as we have engulfed this planet.



We have slaughtered so many beautiful creatures into extinction and caused so much cruelty to one another.


We survived thousands of years without any gods at all before we brought them into being, and then we invented dozens giving us countless more reasons to persecute each other.


When we hunter gathered we worked just three or four hours a day and then enjoyed the rest of the day with our families and loved ones.


I’m not idolising these old days, I like my coffee and my garden room – especially in winter. And Sapiens also tell some very gruesome stories of how hunter-gatherers dealt with the old and infirm.


My point is this book has really made me think about what is important to me.


We must appreciate what we have. Man has bulldozed our way here and price has been so high. We must not squander it.


I feel very privileged to be able to spend my days doing what I love and feel most passionate about. And on the eve of PhotoBaby’s nineth birthday I am more certain than ever of the importance of what I do.


In our western world where we are told daily what car, what shampoo, what washing powder will make our life better, I know that celebrating and cherishing our loved ones is our key to happiness.


Lets make more time for each other and work on our relationships. Invest in our little ones and teach them that we must curb our consumerism, be kinder to each other and cherish what we have left of our planet.


We must over come the poison and hate of the moment, all the mindless rants that spew from the upheaval of Brexit and Donald Trump. Our world is too small for us to not get on and work together.


I have yet to finish the book, but I get the impression Harari thinks we may be in for a sticky end.


But the real end isn’t written yet, so how about we make it a happy one.


Thought on a post card please…



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