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Miss and Master 2017

We have just hosted our third Miss and Master event at the studio and I think it was our best yet.

This lovely event is becoming a winter tradition of ours, throughout January we invite clients old and new to take part, choosing a favourite image from their portfolio to represent their child in the hopes of getting to come to our fabulous party.


As a little bit of fun each year we search for the Best Newcomer, Best Giggler, Best Mover and Groover and this year we introduced a fourth category so now we also hunt for the Best Biggie!


With far to many entrants to squeeze in the studio we had to whittle them down. So we started the contest on Facebook and kicked off with a nail-bitingly tense week watching our entrants likes race up in the gallery. We were astounded to see that over 25,000 people viewed our little contest this year!


The Facebook contest divided our gorgeous hoard and four finalists were pulled out from each category.  IMG_8400

So last Saturday sixteen little ones and their families were invited to the studio to enjoyed tea, cake and a sensory delight of music and games, it was lovely.


Jo Jingles introduced something new with every song; bells, scarves, rhythm sticks and everyone loved it when she brought out her parachute and covered it with colourful feathers that floated everywhere.


Meanwhile our dedicated judging panel of five children aged five to eight had been sweating it out deciding which of these children should be awarded top marks for their portrait on cuteness, on impact as a portrait and whether they felt this child has the face of a leader and could bring about world peace.


The results were within a hairs breadth of one another, but our judges’ decision was final. So as the party came to a close we were ready to crown our winners for 2017.

Drum roll please!


Best Newcomer was awarded to Amy Carr’s little one.





Best Giggler was awarded to Catherine Baxendale’s little one.




Best Mover and Grover was awarded to Vicky Lofthouse’s little one.




And Best Biggie was awarded to Helen McCullough’s little one.



As well as their prestigious titles, each of our families won a portrait session and a print package with us. And as an extra special thanks for her effort in sharing on Facebook we also awarded Joanne Gordon a prize.



Our Miss and Master party really was a lovely way to start off the year and I hope it also showed all our fantastic clients how much we value them. Thanks for coming everyone! x




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