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Mastering the Art of Screen Printing

For the past few months I’ve been hot on the pursuit of the source and meaning of beauty and body confidence. In between all my PhotoBaby photo shoots, I’ve been working with my participants in this project for my masters degree. Racing back and forth to Preston and the university print room.

Elbow Deep in Ink

Somewhere along the way I slipped out of the clean process of digital camera’s and photoshop. I found myself elbow deep in ink and determined to master the art of screen printing. And it is a whole new ball game the minute your try to work with your hands in this way! Translating that amazing image that is sitting in your head into something beautiful through the right sweep of pressure and movement is no mean feet!

A little while back I was reading about how everything is digitised now. How so few of us create with our hands, and at the time I disagreed. I thought, I do everyday with my images in photoshop. But the essay was right, working on a computer and working with ink and paper do not compare. So many nuances do not make a difference on the computer and you can always press delete! When it goes wrong with paper, you just have to reach for the next sheet!

I’m Hooked!

But when it goes right, the satisfaction is something else. For all it’s difficulty though, I am hooked! There is something very magical in knowing that there will never be another image made quite like the one I’m creating at this moment in time. Each piece has the potential to be a unique treasure.

My project deadline is Tuesday. Of the 11 images I was planning on presenting, I have two just so far that I could just about claim are complete. Thankfully the marking of the project will all be focussed on the journey and what I have learnt with my participants. This venture into print is just the icing on the cake.

The end goal is to have an exhibition of this work. Submissions for that are still another month away. So I’ll keep popping to Preston in between the shoots and I’m sure I’ll get there sooner or later. And I highly recommend getting out the pens and paper. There is something very therapeutic about taking a bit of time to sit and create.

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