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Making A Studio Garden for PhotoBaby

By 23rd April 2021Studio Chit Chat

It has been another exciting week at PhotoBaby. As well at marvelling at being open and enjoying so many lovely shoots with you, we have been working on our outside space. We’ve decided to make a studio garden.

Sad Garden

If you’ve been to the studio you’ll have seen that we have a slim strip of garden along the edge of the car park. Other than when the daffodils flower it has looked a bit sad for the rest of the year. We thought it was high time we fixed it up.

PhotoBaby studio garden design.

A tiny studio garden design, a floral space for our sitter portraits.

Creating a Vision for our Studio Garden

My sister Sophie is hard at work studying horticulture. She has started her own gardening business. We had a chat with her about what we could do with the space. And she came up with some amazing ideas. We wanted to create something that would grow into a real feature for the street and be a food source for bees and butterflies. As well as being able to be used as a mini outdoor studio garden.

Gardeners vision for photobaby studio garden.

Design number 1 – turned out most of the plants weren’t available!

She had a bit of back and for-thing with nurseries finding out what plants are available as we come out of lockdown. But with a little bit of tweaking to her design,  she was able to order a great collection of plants. They will fulfil our vision and be low maintenance but bursting with colour too.

Bee friendly garden design for PhotoBaby.

The final design! Tall grasses and range of flowers in a bright eye catching pallet, that bees will love!

Making it Happen

Over the past few days she has dug the bed all out for us and dug in lots of horse poo. Then she has replanted the bed with grasses and a range of perennial flowers. It will grow into an eye catching display. She has worked really hard! So many people have stopped her to chat about what she’s been doing. It’s been so lovely to see how much this space will be appreciated.

Sophie starts digging the garden bed out.

Sophie gets to work clearing the beds. A lot of people came up to check she wasn’t steeling the daffodil bulbs!

Freshly dug beds ready for planting.

The horse manure is dug in and it’s all ready for planting! Doesn’t it look lovely!

Sophie poses with a pot of grass.

Ah lovely plants! …These grasses are a little too like our lockdown hair though (I treated her to a hair cut later in the week)!

The photobaby garden is finished

All done…now our studio garden just needs to grow!

The space will become a real asset to the street and can be a fantastic backdrop for photos too. We need to wait a little while for the plants to establish. But come the summer we are going to have our own little outdoor studio garden and we can’t wait for your little ones to be able to try it out. It’s very exciting!


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