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Making Records and Memories

By 5th December 2015Birdie Blog

Well the year is drawing to a close and so much has happened in these past twelve months. I’m finding it very satisfying to see the highlights documented in these posts.

When I was little I was always making books and diaries and recording my world in that way. Then through my twenties I kept photo diaries, so it’s good to be doing it again.

That is why I am a photographer; there is so much magic and beauty in the world and I just want to capture a bit of it for us to keep forever. I want to say we were here and life was good. And if something should happen to me tomorrow, I want my children to know how much I love them.

One of my clients has been taking a photo of her daughter every day through her first year, and if you look on YouTube, there are all kinds of lovely things people are doing to mark these wonderful moments in their lives. Our photos are our legacy and our memories are our greatest riches, this is my whole philosophy behind PhotoBaby and behind my way of life.

I play hard as well as working hard and I try to squeeze as much value into every day as I can: we were lucky enough to start January with a family holiday in Australia and though the camera didn’t go everywhere with us, we did take the time to create some great images that we will treasure forever.

We’ve had a summer of picnic teas in the park and afternoons on the beach. I brought my studio for pumpkin portraits over half term and we’ve shot our own Christmas card portrait and planned the last few weeks to make sure we get some quality time together.

There’s a cost to all this of course: we don’t have a telly – there just doesn’t seem time for one – and my house is a tip ninety percent of the time. But I think if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I’d rather slip away knowing we’ve had a great time than the living room has been hoovered.

So here’s to doing lots more lovely things with the people we love next year. And documenting them in one way or another!

…and maybe getting a cleaner one day too…

Thanks for reading, Eleanor x

PS. I’m a maternity, newborn and baby portrait specialist. If you click the link you’ll see some of the gorgeous work we make at our beautiful studio in Lancaster, Lancashire.

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