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Launching Luxury Maternity Photography

By 22nd October 2023Studio Chit Chat

Over the weekend, we began a wonderful new project. We launched our brand-new luxury maternity photo shoots! The team was super excited as we picked up the keys to the cutest, most picturesque little house in Lancaster. This would be the backdrop for these extra special sessions. The house’s  boho features would give us with the perfect backdrop for capturing the magic of this very special moment in our expectant mothers lives.


On Friday evening Jemma, Amy, and Annabel carefully planned the logistics of each luxury maternity photo shoot. They strategised how to best utilise each of the house’s unique attributes. Lighting, angles, and setups were all discussed and planned in great detail. Then Annabel and Elly adorned the house with an array of lush plants, textured cushions, and inviting throws. The house was already gorgeous, but these final touches really transformed the space into something truly show stopping.

Luxury Maternity Shoots Are A Go Go

Saturday arrived and Annabel took the lead bright and early. At 9am sharp the whirlwind of activity began and set the tone for the day’s shoots. Her keen eye captured the beauty of each of her models as they posed around the house’s captivating surroundings. Jemma and Amy followed suit, each adding their own unique artistic touch to the photographs. Every shot was stunning a testament to the power and beauty of motherhood. Favourite tunes were played and each shoot was filled with creativity, excitement and giggles.

Pregnant woman sat by fire.Pregnant couple in front of fire.Collaborating

What made this weekend truly special was our collaboration with such a group of wonderful pregnant models. They all knew that their experience would be featured in our upcoming promotional material, and they embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm. While our photographers worked their magic, Elly was busy behind the scenes,  capturing the entire process on film.

The result was nothing short of magnificent. Each shot was a work of art, showcasing the beauty of our expectant mothers. The house’s natural light and captivating boho aesthetic provided the perfect backdrop for these extraordinary moments. And each of our models’ genuine joy and anticipation shone through in every frame.

Naked pregnant woman on bed.Fabulous Experience

Our guests were absolutely thrilled with the experience of having a maternity photoshoot in a real house. Everyone found it a really warm and relaxing.  Accompanying friends were able to relax on the couch while our models enjoyed their maternity shoot. We made sure the drinks and biscuits flowed!  And it really added to the experience being able to move from room to room and soak in the different vibes that each space offered. To top it all off, this picturesque house even boasted a hammock, which became a favourite spot within the portrait repertoire.

pregnant woman sat in hammock.A Super Successful Weekend

As we wrap up this fabulous weekend, we are left feeling thoroughly invigorated and utterly in love with our jobs. Clients often tell us we have the best job in the world, but sometimes we forget! We are truly lucky to be able to unleash our creativity on a daily basis, and getting to do something new like this is a wonderful reminder. There were lots of spine tingling moments as we created utter treasures over the weekend. Portraits that we know will be treasured for ever! Beautiful keepsakes of such a precious time.

Our premier luxury maternity photoshoot weekend was a resounding success. A true celebration of life, love, and beauty and we can’t wait to share the treasures we have created with everyone that took part. Thank you so much to everyone who made this lovely event possible!

PS. Our favourite quote for the weekend – ” I’ve forgotten my bra and lost my cream knickers!”

PPS. We’re going to do this again in January, so if you want to come and take part, just fill in the form.

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