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Location Photo Shoot Around the Castle

By 24th February 2019Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

Barely a day into February and we were off outdoors for our first location photo shoot of the year. The sun was shining and the crisp, buttery light was beautiful! A perfect day to venture out from the studio. It was Hayley and James Garnsey’s final session in their son’s Milestone package.

Understanding Little One’s Needs

Little Tommy was 18 months, walking and asserting his independence. Getting outdoors is ideal for photo shoots at this stage. Eighteen month olds need a lot of entertainment and distraction and they are very sure of what they do and don’t want to do.

Perfect for a Location Photo Shoot

We are so lucky with where our studio is situated. We might be right in the centre of Lancaster, but we are surrounded by beautiful cobble streets, the castle and it’s gardens and there is even a meadow just 5 minutes walk from us. With all this to hand location shoots can be decided on the spur of the moment. Which is just what we did for this shoot.

Beautiful Light

Our first stop was the castle gardens; a jungle for Tommy! Which he explored with his team of wild animals. The sun was strong here, so I shot him back lit to protect him from shadows and squinting and the added benefit of the light coming through the grass was beautiful.

He quickly tired of this game though so we moved on to make the most of this location photo shoot. Holding hands with Mummy and Daddy, we did some lovely walking family shots with the castle in the background. Tommy knocked on the door to see if anyone was in but when no one answered, we carried on.


Peepo in the trees had everyone giggling, followed by marching through the last of the crisp leaves. I was working fast to make the most of each brief situation, here, the shadows cast on the wall made a stunning addition to the portraits so I pulled back and allowed them into the shots.

And then we paused for a little story time in the sunshine. Tommy had brought a set of  Gruffalo books with him and his family cuddled together to read through the stories. This gave me a great opportunity for some very natural family portraits.

Grand Finale

Stories over, our little model was running out of steam. I had created plenty of images for the Garnsey’s to choose from on this location photo shoot so we headed back. Pausing for one final set of shots on the Priory stairs that gave us the perfect finish to their collection.

This location photo shoot was a  wonderful final shoot for the Garnsey’s Milestone collection. I always get a bit sad to say good bye when we get to the end of creating our Milestone’s series, but hopefully this won’t be the last that I will be seeing of the Garnsey family!

For more information on our how our Milestones sessions work, have a read of our baby’s first year post.

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