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Good Bye Summer, Hello Life Balance!

By 10th September 2016Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

I love listening to radio 4, and this week I caught a show in which some women were talking about how they feel this time of year; Mourning the end of the summer or feeling full of new possibilities now we’ve started a fresh academic year.

I am definitely in mourning.

I usually love autumn, but this year I really haven’t wanted the summer holidays to end. It has been heaven not rushing to get everyone out the door each morning. We’ve had lazy mornings and long evenings in the garden. My hubbie and I have had coffee together everyday and I’ve cycled to and from work in the sunshine. After eight years of working for myself, I finally feel as though I’ve found a sustainable life balance between home and work!


Finding a Work Life Balance

One of the secrets has been 6am starts, with a bit of discipline, I’ve been up and working each morning before half my family has woken, and then I’ve been able to relax and have breakfast with them knowing a good chunk of my to do list is already underway.

Then we’ve had a bit of give and take, the kids have had to come into the studio some days, but I’ve been able to pay them back with quality time together. Days out and mini breaks. We haven’t gone far, but we’ve had so much fun.


Time for Fun

And I’ve let myself live in the moment; When I’ve been at home and with my children, my head has too. I’ve let myself switch off from photography and to be honest, I’d forgotten what that feels like. I’ve let my head have a holiday too.

If it wasn’t for that little thing called education, I’d be happy to stretch this summer out until Christmas.


For all the fun though, my children have been ready to go back to school. Ready to see their friends again and move up the school ladder.

Time for Resolution

One of the women on the radio talked about how this is the time of year that she feels most up lifted and away from the pressure of January, she chooses now to make her new year resolutions.

I like this idea.

My new resolution will be to keep the work life balance created this summer. I’ll keep doing wonders at 6am then having breakfast as a family. I’ll keep rewarding our hard work with fun and adventure and I’ll keep my head in check and my thoughts on NOW.

So roll on Autumn; crisp days and crunchy leaves, but not too soon. I’m sure we can squeeze a little more summer out of the year first (we still have one more camping trip planned in the diary)!


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