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Lego House – Inspiration, Play and our Home Project

If you love lego, this post on our inspiring visit to Lego House is for you.

Long since being a dining room, the front room at my house has morphed into many things; it was my studio once upon a time, it has been the winter home of our three beloved guinea pigs, and now it has become the site of our amazing Lego project.

We’re inspired by our recent trip to Denmark. What an adventure, we ferried and drove, and by the skin of our teeth got there on one tank of fuel! We Airbnb’d, did Legoland and the new Lego House, and found time for a few Vikings too.

Lego House

Legoland is a wonderful amusement park and we know Windsor very well. But the new Lego House was something else; it blew us away! This was a visit that was all about the brick and the love of building. For eleven blissful hours my husband, both my children and I were immersed in Lego. Playing one wonderful activity after another.

My son spent almost the whole day making animations; my daughter had a wonderful time making creations with the lovely staff members. And my hubbie and I were lost down memory lane.


The Lego House is divided into lots of areas, some for play and others for display. The inspiration for our own project came from a room that was divided into three worlds. A mountain, a city and a beach holiday; These awesome displays combined sets from through the decades and well known mini figure characters with tremendous one off creations by master builders. Everywhere you looked there was a cheeky joke to make you smile and so much amazing detail. Bat Man and Father Christmas had snuck off on holiday, a party of cavers had found Gollum hiding away, and Bart Simpson and Barnie were sneaking a beer on a rooftop.

Lego House display of mountain and citySeeing our own beloved sets in such an amazing creation was so inspiring. Our eyes were opened to what was possible for us to do and this whirled our own creativity into motion. From the moment we said good-bye to the Lego House, we started planning, and this week we began making our own creation.

Our Lego House Project

We’ve commandeered the cardboard that collects at the studio. And this has been recycled into our own modest mountain framework. My children are thrilled. We spent an evening together cutting, folding, sticking and slotting the framework together. Then it was ready to build on.

Our lego creation inspired by Lego House

We needed Lego bases to start with, and sets don’t come with them these days, so it was time to venture up into my Dad’s loft and gather those from my own collection.


I have two sisters, and we were all devoted Lego collectors. So there is a lot of Lego up in my Dad’s loft. I was looking for roads and bases, but when I saw my much-loved houses, I couldn’t resist bringing them down too. Now I am wondering what is the point of any of it being in the loft – we should be playing with it all!

We could make a tunnel for the train, make the planes and helicopters fly above with the star wars pieces, and then there is the hospital, the police station and all the castles!


Our mountain may need a little expanding first though so lots more fun to come and my sisters are keen to come and join in too.

Our lego mountain inspired by Lego House

Today my son wants us to work on building a forest rock face. I’m sloping off for a quick swim and sauna first, and then I will be back and raring to play. Lots more fun to come, and I’m not sure who is enjoying themselves the most! Thank you Lego House.

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