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Lancaster Creation Station Nurturing Creativity

Nurturing creativity in our little ones is something I am very passionate about. So I was thrilled to be invited to visit Joanna at Lancaster’s Creation Station and find out what she gets up to.

Every week she runs a series of classes designed for little ones of varying ages. All bursting with glitter and glue and creative sparkle. The sessions are a wonderful opportunity for like minded parents to get out of the house and meet each other. Plus the benefits for the little ones attending are bountiful!

The Importance of Nurturing Creativity

Early years creativity is valuable to little ones on so many levels! Every new experience and exploration of a new ideas develops their emotional and intellectual growth. Allowing children the chance to be creative teaches them to think for themselves and learn how to problem solve, it helps them to understand who they are. Creation Station have charged themselves with ‘Inspiring the nations imagination’ and classes are designed to nurture and kindle a child’s natural spark from within.

What Happens at a Class

When I turned up, it was a little explorers class for 18 months to 5 years. Joanna runs two activities per session and on this occasion it was all underwater themed. They were all hard at work painting under the sea scenes with stunning hand print fish.  And then they moved on to sculpting mermaids from wooden spoons and googly eyes and whatever sparkle the little ones took a fancy to.

Scissors were a big thing, lots of the little ones were enthusiastically mastering the art of cutting. And with Joanna’s special loop scissors learning this skill was made all the easier! Joanna even keeps a few of these available to purchase as they are great for helping those who don’t have the strength to cut.

Creation Station is Accessible on All Levels

It was lovely to see how the Creation Station session was accessible on all levels, pots of different craft making goodies were laid out on each table for everyone to dip in grab whatever they wanted. The older ones were able to get stuck in and really refine each of their creations. While the younger ones could take their time and just soak up the experience of squishing their hands in the paint and making marks on their painting.

Refreshingly not all the grown ups were Mothers either, lots of Daddy’s and a Grandfather were also in attendance. It was a great atmosphere and lovely seeing how attentive Joanna was with everyone, her gentle encouragement clearly brought out the best in the little ones and made the adults feel very comfortable.

Welcome and Farewell

The creative section of the class was bookended by the group gathering together; to welcome each other and then to say goodbye. This week  they started with a much loved parachute game before they took a peak in the ideas box to find out what they would be doing for the day. Then to finish, they had stickers and high fives and as it was a birthday, they had to have a round of singing happy birthday!

Joanna is an ex primary school teacher, and for her, Creation Station is all the best bits of teaching. She loves the interaction with the parents and the children. Knowing that she is playing a part in nurturing their creativity. Who knows what that sparkle will blossom into? Could be the next Vivienne Westwood or Frank Lloyd Wright!

Want to Try One?

Joanna also runs classes designed for 0-6 months, 6-18 months and intergenerational classes in our local care homes. She also hosts parties which I think would be great fun. To find out more about where and when she will be next visit her Facebook page. Might see you there, as I can’t wait to visit another of her classes!

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