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What is Sitter Photography?

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A sitter session is a type of photography session specifically designed for babies who are able to sit up unassisted. The session is held usually between the ages of six…

When Should We Book for Newborn Photography?

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Can it be After Baby is Two Weeks Old? Welcoming a newborn is a joyful experience. Many parents want to capture those early, fleeting moments through newborn photography. But not everyone…

Can Siblings Be In Some of the Newborn Photographs?

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So there you go, the short answer was yes, but we hope by answering the question a little deeper, we have put your mind at rest that you can definitely…

Is Newborn Photography Worth It?

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If you are on the fence and wondering if newborn photography worth it? How about an inside view of a newborn shoot to help you decide? Meet Cora, the adorable…