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I’m Voting Labour

When I was in primary school I can remember being terrified one election day because my Mum said, and truly believed that if Labour got into power, there would be a nuclear war and we would all be dead by the end of the year.

I spent that whole day consumed with dread, and now I’m feeling the dread again. This time though, my fingers are tightly crossed that Labour do get in.

I realize now that that crazy fear of my Mum’s came from reading the Daily Mail. My naïve Mum had been completely brain washed by reading this paper and it’s far fetched stories.

We have a media blackout in our house to protect ourselves from all the poisonous propaganda and lies that the so-called news pumps out. Most of this countries papers are owned by the same few people with a single agenda: to frighten us and keep us in our place.

The scared are submissive and easy to push over, we’ll forget about Brexit or our NHS if we’re frightened. Just like in George Orwell’s 1984 this country’s media is one big machine to control our thought. I’d even hasten a bet that our beloved BBC is in someone’s pocket too now, because even they rarely seem impartial.

Today I was horrified to see a social media post about the recent headlines that papers have been spouting on the run up to the election. How is this blatant lying even legal?

In a matter of hours it will be time to vote again and this time the Daily Mail has traded it’s nuclear horror story threats of communism and other outlandish rubbish.

I am hoping in my heart of hearts that there are enough of us that can see past these lies and have not been crushed by the fear mongering fairy tales.

Please vote with your head and not from fear.


I’m voting Labour.

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