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How to Achieve Work Life Balance?

By 4th February 2020Studio Chit Chat

Where did January go? I know some of us are breathing a sigh of relief that the first month of the year is done and dusted, but I’m shocked it’s flown by already. I’m only just getting myself set for this year!


My middle sister and her wife have a lovely ritual to start the new year with. They pick a word to give the following twelve months focus. They’ve inspired me to pick the word balance. This year I am determined to restore some balance, and even out the division of time between our photography business and family. 

Broken record

This may sound a little like a broken record because I know I’ve started the year with this goal before. Then as the weeks go by and the workload grows, we’ve watched the seesaw tip and before we know it the photo shoots have taken over our life again. It’s the story of every small business owner! I love my work, and I couldn’t be more passionate about the photography we create at PhotoBaby, but when going to work makes you feel guilty about the family time you are missing out on, something is definitely out of balance!

So how to achieve a work life balance?

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure! But good intention is at the beginning of every success. So we’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on how we can keep everything a bit more even on that seesaw this year. Setting some rules, planning the diary, blocking off holidays and delegating the jobs. I know we are in the quiet months right now, but we have sailed smoothly through January, so I am hopeful that if we stick to our plan we will find the balance we are looking for!.

Specials for the Year:

In keeping with our good intentions, we’ve done some planning-

February: Family special offer £20, Newborn special offer £9

March: Mothers Day mini session £20, Spring mini session £20

April: Bluebell location session £80

May: Bluebell location session £80, Fathers Day mini session £20

June: Father’s Day mini session £20, Beach family session £65

July – August: Fairytale mini session £30

September: Meadow family sessions £65, Grandparents mini session £20

October: It’s a little pumpkin mini session £30

Mid October – Jan: Christmas mini session £30

Give me a shout if you want to book in. If you are a member of portrait club or enjoying an Annual Package with us, you will be able to incorporate any of these specials into your next shoot. Just let us know what you like the sound of. See you soon! x

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