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Hats Off To Pancake Day

By 26th February 2022Studio Chit Chat

Who doesn’t love pancake day!?

What do you have on yours? Are you more of a traditionalist sticking to sugar and lemon? Or do you have your own favourite topping combo?

And are you a fan of the fatties, perhaps preferring a Canadian stack all goey with maple syrup? Or the skinnies like the slim and delicate French crepe?

We like them all, because let’s face it, they all taste great!

Little girl eating pancake.

Fabulous Pancake Facts


Did you know about 117 million pancakes will get eaten in the UK this Tuesday?

But pancakes are found in almost every culture!

William Shakespeare liked pancakes and mentioned them in his plays All’s Well That Ends Well and As You Like It.

 The world record for the most pancakes flipped is 424 in just two minutes! How many do you think you could manage? I’m thinking about 4 at the most.

The highest toss on record is 9.47m made in New York in 2010.

 The first ready mix food ever sold was Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Flour way back in 1889.

little boy eating pancake.

How to Make Your Own Pancakes


If you fancy making your own, all you’ll need is:

100g plain flour

Two large eggs

300ml of milk

1 table spoon of vegetable oil


Whisk it all up in a bowl, then leave to rest for 30 minutes or so – this helps get the lumps out.

When you are ready to cook them, oil and heat your frying pan, then pour a ladle full of batter into it and tip to allow the mix to spread nice and thin. Flip after a couple of minutes. Pop your pancake on a plate in the oven to stay warm and repeat.

Pancakes at the Studio


Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun celebrating pancake day, and hosting pancake smashes at the studio.

Last year we all missed out though, so we figured this year needed to be extra special! Any excuse to get creative and bring a little something new to the studio. So we’ve gone all out and created a vintage, Mad Hatter’s tea party setting for all our smashing smashers.

Vintage tea party photo set

This years pancake smash set.

My little niece gave the setting a test drive this week so we could show you, but minis the pancakes!

little girl in mad hatter style photo shoot.Want to come? 

It’s free if you already have portrait club or an annual package.

Or you can fill in the form and we’ll send you a voucher.


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