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Dealing With Ground Hog Day All Day Every Day

By 1st May 2020Studio Chit Chat

I’ve heard our current COVID-19 life being described as Ground Hog day quite a lot recently, and for those of us having to stay at home either working or home schooling, (or both!) these days do feel a lot like that Bill Murray movie. Each day is much like the last and it’s easy to let it get to us. To get overwhelmed and low. 

Silver Lining

But this time does have a silver lining for those of us at home. We must remember how lucky we are to have such lovely homes to be safe in, and we are even more lucky that we have friends and neighbours that are able to be out there on the frontline for us.

I think we owe it to those who go out and risk their lives every day to make the most of this time at home and stop moping. Never again are we going to have so much time together as a family. We must lap it up, and cherish it. Because I’m sure everyone out on the front line would love to be safe and snug at home.

You’re in Charge

We are in charge of the thoughts in our head. When they get shitty, we can change them. So stop getting peeved at your partner because he/she hasn’t picked the hoover up/made a meal/done the home school. Either do it yourself because you are the one bothered, or forget about it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

Same if you are feeling overwhelmed about all things COVID. Stop watching the news and reading about it. You getting yourself in a state will not help anyone or anything. Work on keeping those horrors out of your home and your head and keep your household happy.

Make it Work for You

Struggling to work with the kids all around you? Then think about how you can make the situation work for you. Can you get up a bit earlier and do part of your work day before anyone else is up? Or how about in the evening? The beauty of right now is you have flexibility, so experiment. Find something that works a bit better and just let your team know what you are doing. For me 6am is magic, 6-9am is my time and I probably get double done compared to when I work later in the day. At 6am I’m switched on, no one talks to me and nothing interrupts me.

Keep in Touch

Your friends are just at the other end of the phone, Face Time, Zoom and they need you just as much as you need them. Organise a group chat. You may all need to offload, or you may be able to  giggle until your faces hurt. Either is fine and both are valuable.

Ground Hog Day, keeping in touch with family.

So back to the Ground Hog Day story when Bill was stuck in the same day. He was doing same after same, and he was insanely frustrated. But then he discovered the freedom of the situation. He could do anything! He had infinite time! And once he made this discovery, he explored it, played with it and finally worked on making each day better than the last. 

Have Your Best Day

So how can you make today better than yesterday? How can you invest in yourself, in your time, your home or your family? Be inventive because anything (as long as it’s at home) goes! 

Keep smiling and let me know what you get up to. Your favourite activity could be just the inspiration someone else needs to get out of their own slump. Send me your suggestions via Facebook messenger.

Big love to you, and stay safe, the PhotoBaby household x 

Ground Hog day, making home time the best time.Groundhog day, appreciating my garden.

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