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Great to Go to the Butterfly House

By 22nd September 2015Birdie Blog

For this edition of Great to Go we took little Jacob and David to explore the wonderful Butterfly House up in Lancaster’s Williamson’s Park.

Once a palm house, this beautiful victorian iron work hot house is hanging with vines and jungle plants. It is home to a stunning range of butterflies, some as big as both your hands put together, all of them fluttering around you like fairies.

Great to Go to the Butterfly House2

Straight away the boys were wowed by the exotic environment and wandered around gazing upwards, following one butterfly and then another. They were very excited to find the terrapins and the koi carp swimming round the waterway at the edge of the house, and then the cage of stick insects.

David was intrigued by the butterfly feeding stations especially when a huge owl butterfly landed on the pineapple he had just been poking!

Great to Go to the Butterfly House

Once you’ve said hello to all the creatures in the hot house, there are rabbits and guinea pigs to meet. A beautiful aviary of budgies and tanks of snakes and other exotic creatures, all located around a small, pretty garden which is just the right size if you are keeping tabs on toddlers.

The staff at the Butterfly House are brilliant with children and Jacob and David were introduced to a snake and then an iguana, which they both got to stroke and get a look at.

The butterfly house has a lot to offer within a relatively small space making it an excellent destination to visit with little people.

David and Jacob both think it is “brill”!

Great to go to the Butterfly House


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