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Good Things Come from Pausing – A COVID Year

By 31st December 2020Studio Chit Chat

Living through a year while a deadly virus sweeps the earth – who knew we’d ever do that! It still doesn’t seem real…But we are getting on with it. 

A Year of Achievements

Virus or not, it has been a year of achievements for us. I now have my Masters in Photography, my son started Lancaster Grammar, and my daughter passed the eleven plus so she will go next year too. Things are pretty good. 

Summer lockdown gave my family the chance to learn to cook, Isa and Bosh are our new culinary heroes and have transformed meal times. Food has become very exciting and we are all feeling stronger and healthier for it.

A Better PhotoBaby

Thanks to crazy COVID, we’ve had time and space to totally rethink everything that we do at PhotoBaby too. We’re totally changed how we run the business and I love our new improved model. We have welcomed Jemma, Rachel and Robyn into our team so we can be open seven days a week, and now we have so much more time for each of our clients when you visit us. 

PhotoBaby is bigger, better and bursting with even more amazing ideas to make your photography experience all the more memorable. I have been so excited about the work we have been creating for you this year. The charity calendar for Ecologi is utterly beautiful and on target to raise £1000 to invest in our planet. And the Autumn and Christmas portraits have been some of our best work yet.

Tough on New Parents

It’s been a tough year on our new parents, not being able to introduce their new arrivals to family. Not everyone has been able to get in to visit us within the traditional newborn window. But we’ve all rolled with it, and we’d like to think your babies photoshoots have been even more special this year.

And thank you for waiting for us to be open again. Thank you for following the guidelines and helping us to operate safely. You and your babies are everything to us and having you revisit us as baby grows means the world to all of us. We look forward to making you many more beautiful portraits to celebrate your amazing family soon.

Yes, it’s really disappointing that we have to pause reopening for a while. We’re bursting with more plans, and can’t wait to get back to making your beautiful portraits. But this year has shown us that good things can come from pausing, so we’ll be in happy hibernation, homing our preparations for this year. And we’ll see you as soon as we are given the green light again.

Sending you the very best of wishes for this coming new year,

Eleanor and the Gang xxx


PS. If you have a love for photography and family and want to join us, we’re hiring too, so get in touch.


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