What is Sitter Photography?

A sitter session is a type of photography session specifically designed for babies who are able to sit up unassisted. The session is held usually between the ages of six to nine months. It captures the adorable moments and expressions of your baby as they explore their newfound skills: sitting, tummy time, holding their toes and interact with their surroundings.

The sitter age is an incredibly special time to photograph your baby. At this stage, they are in awe of the world around them and fascinated by everything they see. Their curiosity and expressions are priceless, and capturing those moments can create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

six month old baby just in nappy cover sitting on white bed.

When to Book?

When it comes to booking a sitter session, it’s best to plan ahead.  Schedule the session when your baby is around six to eight months old. Every baby is different, but around this age your baby will be able to sit up independently but will not yet be crawling or walking. Therefore making it easier to capture their precious moments in a controlled environment. By booking the session in advance, you can secure a time slot that works best for you and the photographer.

Which Photographer?

When choosing a photographer for your sitter photography, it’s important to find one who aligns with your vision and desired style. Photobaby in Lancashire, for example, takes a simple, natural, and neutral approach to photography. They believe in capturing the genuine essence of your baby. And avoid overwhelming the images with too many props or excessive styling. This approach ensures that the focus remains on your baby and their unique personality.

six month old baby girl sitting on rocking chair.
What to Bring?

To prepare for your sitter photography, it’s a good idea to bring along a couple of outfits for your baby. Bringing bits from home allows you to add personal touches and make the session more memorable. PhotoBaby also provides a lovely collection of rompers for sitter sessions. Additionally, naked or partially clothed portraits of your baby in a nappy cover can be absolutely gorgeous at this age. Truly showcasing their innocence and cherubic features.

You might also like to bring along some of your baby’s special cuddly toys and baby blanket. These can be incorporated into your portraits as props and add additional sentimental value to your images.

Entertaining Baby

As a mother, you are often the best source of entertainment for your baby, so it’s important to come prepared to get involved during the session. Interacting with your baby, making funny faces, or playing peek-a-boo can help create natural and joyful moments that the photographer can capture. No need to be shy, just focus on your beautiful baby and enjoy seeing how much they love and adore you.

six month baby sat in heart looking upwards.
Sitter Training Sessions

If you’re looking for a bargain photoshoot, PhotoBaby offers sitter photography training sessions with their newest photographers. These sessions allow the photographers to gain experience and build their portfolio while offering a discounted rate for parents. It’s a win-win situation as you can save money on the session while still receiving beautiful photographs of your baby.


Sitter photography is a delightful way to capture the unique charm of your baby during their sitting stage. It is recommended to book the session when your baby is around six to eight months old and can sit up unassisted. Opting for a simple, natural, and neutral approach like PhotoBaby ensures that the focus remains on your baby’s personality rather than props or excessive styling. Remember to bring along a couple of outfits or consider the lovely rompers provided by the photographer.

This age is perfect for capturing the awe and wonder in your baby’s eyes as they explore the world, with you as their greatest source of entertainment. And if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, inquire about sitter training sessions with PhotoBaby’s newest photographers. By documenting this stage of your baby’s development, you are creating lasting memories.


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