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First Choice Baby Photography

This week I had a lovely chat with a new client who wants to give a Milestones package of baby photography as a gift. Her sister is expecting her first baby and she wants to treat her.


My caller was phoning from elsewhere in the country after having done a thorough research of the baby photography in this area. She had visited a lot of other baby photography websites. And the more we chatted, the more thrilled I became that she had chosen to call us.

The Best Baby Photography

A few years ago, I set myself the goal of making PhotoBaby the best for baby photography in the North West. I was a little bit shy to say this in the beginning, but I opened the largest, best-equipped studio for babies. Upped our game by studying baby calming and created a repertoire of innovative baby posing that baby barely notices at all!

baby photography natural pose with father

I think all this may have a little to do with why my caller dialled our number, but the biggie that came across in our call, is the style of images we choose to make. At PhotoBaby, we are bucking the current trend of baby photography that is swamping the internet at the moment. We don’t do the uber-cutsie baby photography with baby in an impossible pose among heap of generic props, then air brushed to oblivion. That’s not us.

Listening to Our Clients

And we know it’s not our clients’ cups of tea either. It’s not just that we’re not so keen on those images that we don’t create them, it’s because we listen to our clients. Almost every new parent that walks through our door asks me to create something natural, so that’s what I do.

portrait of newborn photographyI started PhotoBaby because I want to capture the beautiful bond between you and your little ones. These precious moments and this infinite love is our most precious thing and our baby photography is all about celebrating this.

Parents are the Best Props

I believe parents and siblings make the best props–daddy’s arms, mummy’s hands, sister’s kiss. My images create intimate moments that tell the story of these wonderful bonds.

newborn family portrait lancashire.We create beautiful, natural images that ooze with love, because we know that’s what our clients want, and this is the reason why I think my new client has chosen us for her sister’s baby photography.


Come and see for yourself !

natural baby photography - sleeping baby

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