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Father Christmas, Fun, and Family Photos at PhotoBaby!

By 7th November 2023Studio Chit Chat

What an extraordinary week we’ve had at PhotoBaby! Our studio was buzzing with excitement, laughter, and the early spirit of Christmas. The highlight? A very special guest who brought a sprinkle of magic to our studio last Saturday.

Our Special Guest Arrives

At precisely 4pm, Father Christmas made his grand entrance, igniting the festive cheer for our PhotoBaby Family Christmas Live event. His presence was a delight for the children who, wide-eyed and thrilled, chatted with him. Generously, he brought presents for the little ones and even lent a hand in our big giveaway, where we gifted vouchers for family Christmas photo shoots. It was a heartwarming sight!

Our team was in full swing. While Hannah and Jemma skilfully hosted the live event, Father Christmas turned handyman, building new props for our studio. Meanwhile, upstairs, Danielle was hosting a photo shoot, with Hannah and Jemma occasionally joining in to give our viewers a sneak peek into the magic of our Family Christmas photo shoots.

Then behind the scenes, Dan was on camera duty while Ashton and Amy were very busy answering all the messages and uploading all the contestants.  Prepping the wheel, ready to spin and play. As well as being on hand to dive in and restyle Santa every time his hat fell off!

Nothing Ever Goes Quite to Plan!

We did face a few hiccups – the internet decided to play tricks on us. We suspect some mischievous elves were tinkering with the router! Nevertheless, we managed to overcome these challenges and kept the festive spirit alive.

The questions for Father Christmas were flowing in. Curious little minds inquired about his reindeer and their whereabouts. Hannah even seized the opportunity to ask him for some packaging tips – who better to ask than Father Christmas himself?

Asta, our beloved studio baby, was also part of the festivities. Initially shy around Father Christmas, her confidence blossomed as the event progressed. By the end, she was happily test-driving our new ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ car and even chatting with our special guest.

Exciting Give Away

The excitement grew as we gave away the prizes, concluding with a euphoric moment when our final caller won a £500 voucher hidden in the studio. The joy and surprise in their voice was a perfect summary of the festive spirit we cherish at PhotoBaby.

Then Danielle brought her little client downstairs for his final portrait – we had to steal the little car back off Asta. And to distract our little model, the whole studio broke into song – A very festive version of Wind the Bobbin Up, followed by Jingle Bells! Then we all gathered to wave good bye to our 500 strong audience. A good job done!

Father Christmas Steels the Show

We can’t think of a better guest to visit us. It was wonderful having Father Christmas with us, he had us all in fits of giggles. We really hope he will be able to visit us again next year!

Reflecting on this week, it is moments like these that remind us of the joy and wonder that family and togetherness bring. Our studio was not just a place for photo shoots; it became a hub of laughter, sharing, and warm Christmas memories.

As we look forward to the rest of the festive season, we’re filled with gratitude and excitement. We can’t wait to capture more beautiful family moments in our Christmas photo shoots. To all who joined us for the live event and to everyone who’s been part of our PhotoBaby journey – thank you. You make our studio a place of joy and creativity.

Here’s to creating more unforgettable memories and capturing the essence of family this Christmas season. May your festive season be filled with as much happiness and love as we experienced in our studio this week.

Eleanor and the PhotoBaby Gang x

PS. Want to read more? Check out our getting ready for Christmas blog.

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