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Father Christmas in the Hot Seat

By 22nd December 2015Birdie Blog

Hot Seat pic2

This month I’ve been lucky enough to meet Mr FC the big man himself and and although he’s very busy, he agreed to give us a little bit of time and be in the hot seat!


What are you passionate about?

Creating something really magical that children will store in their hearts and one day want to pass on to their own children.


Do you have a dream?

To make the world a better place – today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Let’s inspire them and then who knows what they can achieve!


Where do you find inspiration?

All the letters I receive! So many, and beautifully written and decorated. They make me feel very loved and I want to do my job all the better because of them.


If you could change places with someone for a day, who would it be?

Probably the tooth fairy – it would be very interesting to be that small for a day and it would make a change to be collecting teeth instead of delivering presents.


Thank you Father Christmas!


Would you like to be in the Hot Seat next year? Drop me an email if so and we’ll hook up for a coffee and a few photos. eleanor@photobaby.co.uk


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