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Customer Etiquette Verses Customer Service. A Rant

By 21st October 2018Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

If you have visited us at PhotoBaby you’ll know we take our customer service very seriously. We have even won awards for this aspect of our business. But customer service can only go so far, and this week I feel I need to say a few words about customer etiquette.


At PhotoBaby we always ask for a deposit to secure a booking. This deposit is refundable and your appointment can still be moved once the deposit has been paid. This payment is your way of saying that you are committed to coming for your photo session and you are not going to leave me alone in my studio, twiddling my thumbs.

The other day I made a call to request a missing deposit, and the woman’s response was to scream my head off. We cancelled her session. That same day I had a booking that had avoided paying their deposit. Funnily enough, they didn’t show!

Thumb twiddlers go out of business very quickly, so I’ve resolved, the deposit rule is no longer flexible. If you don’t want to pay a deposit, that’s fine, but you will need to find another photographer.

Camera Phones

If you have taken your child for a professional photo shoot, it is not OK to stand over the photographers shoulder and take your own photos.

I understand you might want to take one or two to record the whole event and show the rest of the family, but attempting to photograph my setups on your phone is stealing.

I didn’t pass up on spending time with my children to spend time with someone who wants to steal from me. I’m here to pay the mortgage and feed and clothe my children.

I have put signs up around the studio, so you can avoid the embarrassment of my asking you not to do this. Please don’t be offended if you choose to ignore these signs and then I ask you to stop. As one client has said to me, your own photos won’t be as good as mine. So let me get on with my work and sit back and enjoy the professional service.

Social Media

Social media has been a godsend to small businesses, allowing us to converse easily and on so many different formats with our clients. But just because we can do this at 11pm, does not mean we should!

My studio hours are 9.30am- 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, so that is when I will respond. Outside those hours there is a good chance I’ll be working, but I’m also working really hard on trying to achieve a good work life balance between the photography and my family.

If you have a problem, tell me, and I will deal with as soon as I can. Please don’t follow this horrid social media trend of being aggressive and behaving like a bully in the public sphere. What is that???

I am proud of my customer service and if there is a problem, I will put it right. Don’t tarnish my hard earned reputation because something is not quite going your way.

customer etiquette - don't be rude on the phone! Small Business Owners

I know a lot of small business owners in the area, and like me, they are working insanely hard to provide you with excellent services for you and your family. I also know they are dealing with similar issues to those I have highlighted. Don’t let them get jaded, they bring so much value to our community.

Customer Etiquette

If you think some of this message might be for you, please stop taking our services for granted. Show a bit of love and respect and crank up that customer etiquette, being nice works both ways.

Rant Over.

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