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Christmas Comes Early at PhotoBaby: A Festive Behind-the-Scenes!

By 4th November 2023Studio Chit Chat

Here at PhotoBaby, Christmas isn’t just a day in December. It’s a feeling that starts early, a season that we embrace with open arms. As the leaves begin their autumnal dance, we transform into diligent elves, buzzing about to bring the magic of Christmas alive for you and your families.

Early Preparations

Our studio, always a haven of creativity and laughter, has become Santa’s workshop’s close cousin. October’s cool embrace has been rich with the sounds of rustling tinsel and the soft whispers of anticipation. We’ve been adorning the tree, meticulously ironing snowflakes, and primping every detail to perfection. It’s a labour of love, an enchanting prelude to your Christmas photo shoot that will capture memories to treasure forever.

Debbi and Elly, devoted a full day to breathe life into the tree and erect the living room setting. Creating a festive tableau of reds and golds, a spectacle of Christmas warmth. Their laughter and chatter were the perfect accompaniment to the jingle of ornaments and the shuffle of branches finding their place in this timeless set.

Nestled in their snowy nook, our polar bears have become the stars of a winter wonderland, offering sleigh rides that have already drawn delighted giggles from the little ones. These fluffy friends are part of the heartwarming scene that awaits you at our studio.

And the snowflakes—each one saved from last year’s festive flurry—demanded their own share of attention. Imagine us, iron in hand, smoothing out fifty frosty wonders! It was a unique task, and one that we tackled with quite a few giggles over the irony.

Bringing New Ideas to Life

And there’s more! Santa’s workshop is one of our newest sets. With its trove of toys and treats, it has become an instant hit, sparking joy and the spirit of giving. The little ones are utterly enchanted, and who can blame them?

Let’s not forget “Driving Home for Christmas”—a scene that Jemma brought to life with pure determination, spray painting a little car and decking it out in true festive style. Your little ones are going to love taking it for a spin. It’s a snapshot of yuletide magic, that evokes nostalgia and new memories in the making.

Behind every glittering ornament, every perfectly placed prop, is a team dedicated to making your Christmas photo shoot an unforgettable experience. A lot of work goes into creating each set. We toil with love, ensuring that when you step into our studio, you step into a world of wonder—a festive extravaganza that is not just a photo session, but a cherished experience.

So Much Choice for your Christmas Photo Shoot

So as the pumpkins make way for pine trees and the scent of spiced lattes blends with that of fresh pine, we invite you to join us. Our early bird sessions have been a warm up to the festivities to come, and now, as we plunge into full festive swing, we offer not one, not two, but twelve spectacular set options for your Christmas photo shoot.

Come cook in our Christmas Kitchen or play in the living room, opt for a sleigh ride or go sledging through the forest. Curl up in the Christmas bed with a hot chocolate, or even get into a giant hot chocolate! Go pick up the Christmas tree in your super cute car, blow kisses under the mistletoe, then swing by the north pole to help out in Santa’s workshop and play snowballs with the polar bears, and lots, lots more!

Little boy driving toy red car with Christmas tree on top.So, if you’re ready for a sprinkle of PhotoBaby’s Christmas magic, for an early taste of the holiday cheer, come visit us. We’re ready to help you make the best Christmas presents ever for all your family. We are ready and waiting to capture the laughter,  joy, and love of your family in this most wonderful time of the year.

Let the Christmas spirit flourish early this year. Let it be immortalised in beautiful imagery that you will cherish for many years to come. Book your session today, and let’s make some magic together.

Merry early Christmas wishes, Eleanor and the PhotoBaby Elves x

PS. Want to read more? Check out our photo story of our Family Christmas Live – we had a very special guest!

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