How To Choose Your Perfect Newborn Photographer

By 11th June 2024Knowledge Centre

You know how you choose the perfect outfit by trying on different styles until one feels just right? Choosing a newborn photographer is kind of like that, but a teensy bit more important!

Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best person to capture your precious memories.

Ask Around!

Start by asking family and friends for recommendations. Then do a Google search, pay attention to reviews! Check out their websites to see if you like their style and colours. What special qualities do they have? For example, at PhotoBaby we have 16 years of experience and a whopping 28 awards for our business and photography! Choose a photographer whose pictures and story make you smile and feel warm inside.

Experience Matters

Pick someone who knows how to handle babies. Experience with babies is crucial to ensure your baby’s safety (did we mention Eleanor is a qualified Master Photographer?). They should be well-equipped to calm and settle your baby—and you too, since you’re a new mum!

Print Your Memories

Don’t let your photos sit in digital limbo. Choose someone who helps you get your pictures printed so you can enjoy them right away. All of our packages include luxury metallic prints, or wall art so you can fill your home with beautiful art work of you baby within just five weeks of your Image Reveal!


Match Your Style

Think about your family’s style. Love bright colours and giggles? Find a photographer who captures that vibe. Prefer neutral, calm, and warm tones? Look for that style. Decide if you want an in-home session or a professional studio experience—both have their benefits.

No Rush

Choose someone who doesn’t have a strict time limit. At PhotoBaby, baby is in charge. If baby wants to pause for  cuddles, feeds, and snuggles then that’s exactly what we will do! No rush, no pressure.

Safety First

Last but certainly not least, choose someone who is trained in baby safety. With 16 years of experience in newborn photography, our studio ensures your baby is in the best hands. We know how to calm, comfort, and look after your little one—and you too!

Remember, your baby is newborn for just a moment, blink and you could miss this precious time. These are portraits are going to be life long treasures for you, so take your time to pick the right photographer!

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