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Capturing Timeless Moments: Behind the Scenes with Hannah

By 11th September 2023Studio Chit Chat

When Helen came to see Hannah at PhotoBaby for the first time, she had a special mission in mind. She wanted to recreate a cherished picture of her eldest daughter, from when she was the same age as her adorable younger daughter. So her little one came wearing the very same dress and hat – a heartwarming tribute to the past.

Sitter Photo Shoot

This photoshoot was dedicated to Helen’s younger daughter, who had just reached her six-month milestone, a perfect time to capture her budding personality.

Hannah, the talented photographer, was drawn to Helen’s story and the significance behind her chosen collection of photographs. Helen had picked a variety of images, hoping to cater to the preferences of different family members. However, she believed that her personal favourites might not resonate with others.

Sentimental Choices

Hannah, however, saw something special in Helen’s favourites. She found herself sharing Helen’s sentiment, considering them the most meaningful. These photographs held a unique poignancy because of the heartfelt stories attached to the objects within them. Besides the dress and hat, which we have already mentioned, Helen had brought along a knitted pink blanket from Helen’s own babyhood. And a blue sling that had cradled both of Helen’s girls as infants, holding a wealth of cherished memories.

A Variety of Choices

During the shoot, Hannah directed them through various sets to capture different facets of Helen’s baby’s charm. Some photos featured baby in neutral colours, wearing the dress, and occasionally the hat and pink blanket. They also made sure to include baby’s special cuddly bunny and rattle, both adorned with her name.

Another set showcased baby against a wooden background, with the blue sling stealing the spotlight. There was even a delightful garden scene where baby posed in cute rabbit ears, and a spring woodland setting had her donning a yellow romper suit and a lovely flower crown. And finally, the tepee sets that Helen felt her Mother-in-Law would have adored.

Effortless Flow

What made this photoshoot truly magical was the effortless flow of the session. Helen’s baby was a joyful and easygoing model, making every moment a delight from start to finish.

Hannah took particular pride in the neutral-themed shots that prominently featured the sentimental objects, especially the blue sling. Baby’s playful interaction with the rings added a cheeky touch to the photographs. Hannah’s approach aligned perfectly with Helen’s vision – simple and genuine, allowing both the objects and baby’s undeniable charm to shine through effortlessly.

A Stunning Collection

In the end, what Hannah captured was not just a series of photographs; it was a beautiful tribute to love, joy, and the treasured memories that make life’s milestones truly special. Helen’s desire to recreate a heartfelt memory had come to life in the form of these enchanting photographs. They would undoubtedly be cherished for generations to come, just like the memories they held, all thanks to Hannah’s skilled lens and baby’s magnetic charm.

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