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Cake Smash Shenanigans and Baking Philosophy

By 2nd October 2017Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

This September has been a flurry of cake smash photo shoots with so many of our little clients turning one.

Mark this Special Milestone

This is such a wonderful way to mark your baby’s first birthday. It is an important milestone for both baby and you. Your little one is now twelve months and you succeeded in the first year of your journey through parent hood. I like to think that the cake smash portraits will capture a little bit of this very special time so that you can keep it forever.

cake smash portrait

At PhotoBaby we are driven in our portrait making because we know all to well that life is short. We cannot get these precious moments back. That old saying “blink and you’ll miss it” really is true; it’s as if time speeds up the moment you have a baby. My little one’s are seven and nine now, we’re having a wonderful time together, but I can’t believe they are growing up so quickly!

 Capture The Love

Marking a birthday with something extra special like a cake smash gives us the opportunity to create moments and memories that we can savour within timeless photographs. It is as if we lock the love into the photograph so it will always be there to reinforce that bond to your child.

Creating a special portrait not only captures the magic of that moment in time, but it tells your child how loved they are. It tells them that they are safe. That they are secure and precious. And each portrait will go on giving this same message forever. This is why we are so dedicated to what we do, we are making a lot more than pretty pictures.


Amazing Experience

As well as sharing the love, a cake smash photo shoot is also incredibly fun! We start each session with a beautiful tea party setting. Then as the session goes on we gradually let them get more and more messy. It’s a wonderful experience for your little one. Plus, you never know, it could even form one of their first memories as they throw flour everywhere or bite into their first slice of cake.

I’m a firm believer that we need to make the most of every day. We never know what tomorrow will bring us. The last month’s cake smash shenanigans have certainly made the most of all our little client’s first birthday celebrations! And taught them a very good lesson in making the most of life – Live, Laugh, Love (and eat cake). xxx



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