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Mr Bunny Test Drives Spring Studio Sets

By 11th April 2021Studio Chit Chat

Just one more day until we finally open, hurrah! 

We’ve Been Busy

And we have so much prepared and planned for you. We’ve really made the most of this lockdown. Doing all the studio jobs that have always been pushed to the back of the to do list.

Now they are done and ticked, and the space looks amazing! Who knew you could get so excited about DIY and maintenance

Studio and PhotoBaby Newborn Posing station.

Making better use of the space with our newborn posing station in the alcove.

new Photo Baby headbands for spring.

Our New range of spring headbands.

Photo Baby studio seating area with photographs on the wall behind.

Just loving seeing everything back together in the studio! It’s been a bit of a building site for quite a while.

Mr Bunny is an Extra Special Model

We can’t wait for you to come and see everything and try out the new sets. In fact we’ve been so keen to try out some of the new ideas that we had a little run through today with Mr Bunny. 

He is my daughter’s extra special toy that she sleeps with every night and he has quite a sentimental story. He was bought by my Mum, Freya’s amazing Grandmother, that she never got a chance to meet. We had a tough year when I was pregnant with Freya, Mum found out she had ovarian cancer and she passed away before Freya was born. 

My sister found Mr Bunny hidden away among my Mum’s things, so we were sure she intended him for my daughter. He has been very loved ever since, and it’s funny how comforting it has been to see my daughter love this toy too. 

Though I know he’ll always be special to her, she’ll be growing out of this intense love for her cuddly’s soon. So it was fitting to choose him to test out the sets and give him a little photo shoot of his own. We gave him a tour of our Spring photo shoot routine.

Newborn Posing Station

First off he tried out the newborn posing station that we’ve had installed. This is going to save our knees as well as enhance your newborn portraits! We went for a classic white set up, which is always a firm favourite, neutral and timeless.

Mr Bunny tries out the newborn posing station.

Mr Bunny tries out the newborn posing station. Normally I take supporting arms out of the portraits. But I liked this one, so it stayed in.

The Spring Bed

Then he tried out something very new. Our tiny Spring bed. My daughter thinks this reminds her of ‘Where the Wild Things Are” where the little boy goes to bed and a forest grows all around him. We haven’t made a forest, but the mossy rocks and primroses around this little bed certainly charge the imagination. 

The inspiration for this set has been brewing for a long time! For ages we’ve had a picture of a chair with grass growing on it pinned to our fridge and I’ve been thinking of ways we can develop this idea. I just love the idea of playing around with mixing indoors and outdoors. 

Mr Bunny wasn’t so sure about the bonnet, but my daughter thought it was cute so he wore it.

Mr Bunny sits in our mossy Spring Bed.

The Spring Bed. Bringing the outdoors indoors. Moss and primroses with vintage crochet and a touch of fairy tale magic.

Spring Greens

The theme for our Spring shoot is neutrals and greens, so we have a mix of boxes and buckets ready for the little ones. Mr Bunny tried out our moss green bucket and of course he posed beautifully. 

Mr Bunny sits in the bucket.

Perfect Bucket Posing!

Mr bunny in a box with our studio bunnies.

Mr Bunny meets our studio bunnies.

The Spring Tee Pee

Both he and my daughter were very enthusiastic about the teepee. She plans on us building one big enough for her to sleep in by tonight. Not sure where we are going to find the poles and canvas at such short notice though! But I like to think she gets this ‘gung ho’ spirit from her mum.

Mr bunny sits in the teepee

The Spring Teepee was a big hit, my daughter wants to make a full sized one now!

The Vintage Swing

Finally, Mr Bunny tried out our new swing. This has been another pet project through the lockdown. Can you picture your little one on a vintage swing, swinging away through blossom petals? It’s so exciting to see our visions finally coming to life… next week some of your little ones will be swinging away too! We can not wait. 

Mr bunny sits on our vintage swing in the blossom tree.

Mr Bunny swings on our vintage swing. This image has been in my minds eye for months now – it is so exciting to see it come to life!

We’ve got lots more for you too – a whole new white set up as well – but that’s another blog post.

We got thumbs and paws up from our test drivers, so we are all set for some little people guests. See you tomorrow! X

Freya tests out the swing safety harness on Mr Bunny.

Freya tests out the swing safety harness on Mr Bunny.

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