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Baby Photographer? – Reason 57 Why to Book One

Reason 57 – Dried Skin

A Professional baby photographer is great at getting rid of dried skin!

Dried skin can appear on your baby at any time during the first few weeks after birth. We often have clients worrying that the dried skin has just appeared in time for their baby photographs.

Inside the womb baby is covered in a fluid called vernix which acts as a protective coating. The amount they peal all depends on whether they are born early, on their due date or if they are late. Premature babies peel much less because they still have lots of protective vernix. Late babies usually peel much more because they have less of this protective coating.

Dried Skin is Completely Normal

The appearance of dried skin on your newborn baby is completely normal and it can appear on any part of their body. It’s all part of them adjusting to the outside world. But it’s very distracting from the beauty of your little one on all the photos you are taking to record these fleeting moments while your baby is so little.

A Good Baby Photographer can Remove Dried Skin from your Portraits

Dried skin is another reason why booking a professional baby photographer is such a good idea for your first baby photos. As professionals, we have a few magic moves to combat issues like dried skin. A skilled baby photographer can make all the dried skin disappear from the images you choose. And we do it in a way that looks completely natural too!

Some studios remove dried skin from their baby photographs by giving the image a heavy airbrushing. The problem with this approach though is that it also gets rid of the texture of the skin and gives the baby a doll like look to them.

Natural Looking Baby Photographs

We want your baby photographs to look at natural as possible. But we want your eye to be able to focus on the beauty of the image without the distractions of things like dried skin.

So we gently get rid of dried skin, tiny speck by tiny speck. We use a healing tool, which mirrors the area around the dried skin that we are trying to get rid of. We use it on a very small setting. This way only the areas we want to change in your baby photographs are adjusted and the rest is left as it naturally looks.baby photographer - getting rid of dried skin.

A Good Baby Photographer Takes Time Post Producing Each Individual Image

Editing properly is an extremely time consuming process. A good photographer doesn’t just take the image, they will spend hours in PhotoShop perfecting each image. The image used as an example in the post took over 30 minutes. But it is so worth it! These are images that we know are going to be cherished for a lifetime and more. They are worth taking the time over.

A big thank you to Nikki Tirant, and her gorgeous newborn for modelling dried skin removal.

baby photographer - getting rid of dried skin


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