Baby Photography Package -My First Mile-Stones

Your baby changes so much in their first year and it flies by so fast- Before you know it, they are not a little baby any more!

This is why we believe a good baby photography package is so important! You simply can’t get this time back and once you have a child, life goes by quicker than ever. With our My First Mile-Stones baby photography package, we ensure all the key moments in your baby’s development are captured in stunning photography to be enjoyed for eternity.

Our Mile-Stones baby photography package is a four sitting package to photograph significant moments of your child, such as your baby as a new born, their beginning to crawl or when they first master sitting up all by themselves. And of course, their very first birthday! as a suggestion, you can use the package to-

  • Celebrate your beautiful newborn.
  • Celebrate your bouncing three month old.
  • Celebrate your cheeky six month smiler.
  • Celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

Or if you’ve not quite made it in time to mark all of these milestones, don’t worry, we’ll start from when you arrive and tweak the sessions accordingly to give you the best record of your child’s unique and amazing development.

My First Mile-Stones




This baby photography package is just £95 (that works out at £23.75 per session!) and each session comes with a 6″x8″ luxury metallic print of your favourite portrait and a uniquely creative approach to every portrait session.

If you wish, you can work towards creating a frame at the end of the year, a montage of all your favourite portraits from your photography package. Each frame is uniquely designed to suit your own home and your portraits- it’s a one off! A beautiful finished piece that captures your baby’s first year to be enjoyed for posterity!

Buying a Milestones baby photography package also includes membership to our fantastic club and it’s many benefits, including digital files with all print packages purchased, first invitation to other events and free entry into our monthly competition.

If you think you would like to book, or would just like to find out more, fill in the form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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