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Your newborn baby is amazing!

Tiny fingers and tiny toes, the way they react when you hold them and speak to them, and their smell! So many little things that are now the centre of your world.

Magic That Only Lasts a Moment

Newborn baby photography is a wonderful way to welcome your little one. In just a matter of weeks they will change so much. There is so much magic in your baby’s first year and each stage only lasts a moment. That is why we are so passionate about Newborn baby photography at PhotoBaby.

PhotoBaby started nine years ago when I was pregnant with my son, he is quite possibly one of the most photographed little boys in Lancashire now. I was overwhelmed with love when he came along, and it is this love that I have for him and his sister that is the driving force behind newborn baby photography at PhotoBaby.

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Award Winning

Our portraits are beautiful, natural and timeless and our customer service is second to none. We have won awards for our photography and customer service. Have a listen to what our clients say, then you’ll know you will be in good hands.

We want your newborn baby photography to be a wonderful experience that you come and enjoy time and again as your little one grows. We have a long list of happy customers that keep coming back to us, some have even been with us since we first started nine years ago!





Your Unique Portraits

We have a great range of fun and natural set ups at our beautiful studio in Lancaster, Lancashire. And we also want each newborn baby photography session to have your own unique stamp on. To help us do this, we always ask that you bring along some of your own things from home – a special blanket, some cuddly toys, anything goes really. Have a chat with us about what you might like to bring with you and we’ll suggest ways we can use your ideas to create your own unique newborn baby photography Lancashire.

What Your Session Entails

On the day of your photo shoot, we’ll start your newborn baby photography Lancashire down stairs in our natural light studio. This is perfect for creating stunning, classic portraits of your little one nestled amongst our neutral sheepskins and curled up on our gorgeous dark furs. We’ll have the studio lovely and warm and we’ll sooth your baby with white noise, they will be very happy on our bean bag. If they do get hungry we can stop and start as much as we need to for feeding and cuddles, the session always goes at your baby’s pace. When we’ve finished on the bean bag, we’ll move upstairs to where we have our larger backdrops and props. If you would like a family portrait or to pop your baby in a bucket, this is where that will happen!

newborn baby in weighing scales

Viewing Your Portraits

After your newborn baby photography Lancashire you will be invited back about a week later for your cinematic portrait viewing. This is a wonderful experience that will have you cooing and giggling and may even bring on a few tears – we always have the tissues to hand just incase!

We’ve a range of packages available to suit most budgets (find out more about prices here), and we will help you tailor your favourite images to suit your chosen packages. Your work will be printed on luxurious metallic, which is really special – we’ll show you examples when you come in.

When to Come

To really capture your baby’s newness, we do recommend you coming for your newborn baby photography session within your little one’s first ten days. It is not unusual for a newborn portrait session to be penciled in our diary even before baby is born. That being said, you can bring your baby whenever you are ready, and if we have a date booked in and it feels too much for you, just let us know and we will move your booking.

Good luck with the arrival of your little one and I do hope we meet you soon. x

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